JUNO BIRCH: iconic makeup and fashion queen, does a wonderful jennifer coolidge impression and makes entertaining sim videos

LIYAKITTEN: makes kandi related vids and rave stuff!

SANDY TABOO: makes vids abt their fashion and is so f*ckin cool :D

VICKYMUFFINS: makes excellent kandi tutorials and streams


DEFUNCTLAND: makes vids abt abandoned theme park attractions and or projects

IZZZYZZZ: makes psuedo video essays abt obscure(ish) topics like garfield, internet drama, and games

MILA TEQUILA: makes videos abt 2000s culture and celeb shit


DEGRASSI TNG: has all of Degrassi: The Next Generation episodes! (WARNING: can contain mature themes so be careful!)

KREAYSHAWN: a super iconic music artist apart of white girl mob back in the day, make gucci gucci which yall should know abt!

KYOKOON: played HetaOni back in the day and i was obsessed...

RINSEREPEAT: makes hour long cartoon blocks of various old cartoon channels, may make u cry

XOJOHANNA: used 2 go by jonnyboyxo, made super entertaining vids and music, forever a queen


ALPHABETAGAMER: plays obscure horror games w no commentary

JOHN WOLFE: has been making horror video game content 4 years and is way funnier than most horror letsplayers

NITRORAD: makes funny vids abt semi-obscure video games


nothing here just yet!