i started playing pokemon when i got a pink ds lite + pokemon diamond in 2007
ever since that wonderful gift, ive been obsessed with pokemon!!


im currently playing pkmn black cause i havent played it since it came out!! currently shiny hunting an oshawott :3
PLA is just a side thing for rn, i completed the main stuff but havent completed the pokedex, been focused on other games (cough kirby cough)


fav types:

  ♡ Ghost

  ♡ Fairy

  ♡ Fire

  ♡ Dark

ranking the gens

  1. GEN 4 and 5: dpp + hgss / bw + b2w2

  2. GEN 7: sm + usum

  3. GEN 3: rse + frlg

  3. GEN 8: LGLP + SWSH + LG ARC

  4. GEN 6: xy and oras

  5. GEN 1+2


good resource for pkmn sprites :o

my friend's page abt pokemon glitches :D

create your own trainer card!

my fav pkmn youtuber!! shes been doing this since forever and i remember watching her when i was younger and being super into all her vids!!

another fav pkmn youtuber :D shes super cute, makes art, and is a shiny hunter!!


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