Title: Noita

Developer: Nolla Games

Publisher: Nolla Games

Released: 2020

Genre: Roguelike

Hours: 25


The game that gave Jerma his unfathomable debt!

Noita is a roguelike game based around Minä, the player character, a sorcerer with only a wand and a potion who travels to a mountain in search for... something.
You must navigate through an underground hell with various creatures, and appease the Gods. Defeating enemies gets gold, which you can spend at the end of each area to get new spells or new wands.

this game is so fuckin hard i suck at it even though i finally beat it once, i hope it gets more updates cause the ending left me a little... meh. still an amazing game!!

theres actually a crazy mystery going on involving ciphers, if you wanna check that out click here