i didnt even make a pg 4 me turning 20... oops (to b fair i was on a hiatus so)

anyways im 21!! so crazy, i can drink, smoke, whatever, ill stick to drinking tbh, already had run ins w smoking too much @_@

anyways im very happy im here rn... at 18 and even 19 i wanted 2 die sm. i was struggling w addiction to weed (and other...things) and felt like id never get better, but 2 years later i feel better than ever!! i havent relapsed those drugs, have a stable job and am going back to school.

i truly want 2 thank my bf, hes been w me through EVERYTHING and we are basically the same person, hes my soulmate :D
i used 2 make a list of stuff i wanted 2 do but like...im so content, the only things im gonna focus on are my art and my site. idc abt anything else

heres 2 21 years of my existence and 3 years of this site!! (anni was back in april but i missed it... my bad)
ty all 4 keeping up w me...u the bestests!!

heres my turning 21 playlist