this used to be an old page, back when i was hearted

my old followers know this, but in 2016 i started smoking, but in 2018-2020 i smoked weed constantly (every hour every day)

ik it seems like a non concern, but this kind of lifestyle does catch up to u

if u have dealt w traumatic things like i have, smoking weed every day can cause psychosis thoughts, and even intrusive thoughts that are terrible and can impact your daily life
i deal with intrusive thoughts every single day now, im sure it was underlying mental issues, but smoking def triggered more of it
this is just a warning for any smokers, esp if ur young. i was 15 when i started and i still struggle everyday. i even still want to smoke pot now, but ive held myself back because i know it will bring nothing but pain

if you smoke weed and have had a panic attack/psychosis episode/intrustive thoughts, please stop smoking, it brings nothing but awful things

thank u for reading, sorry for sounding preachy, i just dont want this to happen 2 anyone else ever. its the worst