pretty funny how things change huh

originally this page was gonna be a funny weed joke haha cause for 10 months straight all i did was smoke it, almost every 3-4 hours.
yea uh who knew drugs could fuck with your mental state like rlly bad! i sure did but whatever right?
anyways im making this to just inform people to moderate their drug use because i know how hard it is having an addiction to substances.
i smoked weed to escape my reality and to not focus on myself, but it ended up leaving me paranoid and restless
it all came to a breaking point near the end of 2019, when in early october i had a psychotic breakdown and was hearing things that werent my own thoughts, and i felt as if i wasnt in control of my own body til early december. this was all from me smoking way too fucking much and probably smoking some fake shit from my shit dealer. i never wanted to kill myself more than during my dissociation, it was fucking terrible. the widthdrawls alone made me feel like my life was ending, and that i couldnt do anything abt it.
luckily i had my bf and bff to help me while i was basically out of body for a while, and by december i was back to feeling in control, i havent smoked anything since january and i plan on keeping it that way cause fuck that was the scariest shit ever.

i shouldve listened to the ppl around me saying that what i was doing would fuck me over at some point cause it did
just a warning for anyone wanting to do drugs, it can fuck u