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-updated some secret pages and added some new ones, and i fixed the way you access them (look for eyes)


happi winter timez!

-updated index.html to be winter themed

-archived the halloween theme here!

have a wonderful winter time everyone and pls stay inside n safe!


happi halloween!!

-revamped this page to fit w the rest of the site

-updated index.html to be halloween themed

have a wonderful october everyone!!!


h*ly sh*t keep forgetting to update this vry sorry

-NEW SITE BUTTON!!! please save it and upload it to ur own site dir, thanks!!

-deleted tiffany2k cause thats not gonna be my stagename anymore and looking at it made me cringe

-updated index.html w the new site button and removed a link

-created 420.html where i talk abt my drug use and how it was rlly bad

-erased cyberdiary.html out of a panic because im dumb, itll come back maybe if im not lazy

-created a new little project connected to MONNIE so go find it, it isnt much rn but im gonna try and turn it into smthing cool :3

thats abt it for now


-updated lots of the main pages w a new look! meant to be less eye strainey and better to look at


dont ask.

-created slutpop.html a page for my soundcloud uploads, check it out

-created ssb.html page dedicated to smash bros.

sorry for inactivity, i have college going on ok!!!!!!!! yeesh

7/30/19 a lazy b*tch...sorry

also been busy o_o wow. bday stuff and so on hehe

-revamped more.html to be cooler and better than ever

-created 18yearsold.html as some sort of celebration page lol, might update it to include a bucket list


sorry for inactivity! hopefully im getting my motivation back :D
im mostly active on mastodon which is fun pls join its better than twitter

also! i have a new email:, feel free to talk to me :D

TOTAL REVAMP OF THE INDEX!! a lot more compact and yummy imo, lemme know what you think!
archived index here

-updated mus.html

-updated map.html

-created site.html which is net.html and cool.html combined to be lovely and not terrible!

-created 100.html this was made forever ago to celebrate 100 followers, but i never really talked abt it!! oops


OOPS!! ive been gone sorry!

-updated a ton of pages css wise to make em not use position:absolute and instead use display:inline-block w margin tweaks using %'s instead of px (depends on the page but yknow what i mean)

-updated the index to be less....idk just less danwldjknaks

will be doing more work later on


-created a new site!
it's dedicated to showcasing great neocities sites not feature on the frontpage. i made this late last night after the neocities crash that i talk about on the site lol, feel free to submit your site for the list!


-new site button:

-created anicrossv2.html a new ac page!! hopefully its cyoot

-updated monnie's site with a few things

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-updated my ayesha site w new music pages and a button!
click to go :3c warning for nsfw content


-updated index.html's update tab to include a nice script

-packed monnie's site with a ton of secret things to find, and actions to take. the mansion has yet to have much added


created 2 WHOLE NEW SITES!

tw: NSFW content, drugs, bright pink, some flashy images

monnie's site
tw: ???, drugs, gif images

nothing much done main site wise, just updated some things here and there!


-created /lyrics/duvet.html lyric page for an iconic song to an iconic opening for an iconic anime

-created mus.html page for my music collection! got inspired by other people making their own, this is a huge wip cause i have a LOT of stuff to cover

-created games.html shows off what games im currently playing through and some of my all time favs!

-created yuri.html a page for my shoujo ai recs! only has 3 so far but im gonna update them a ton so just wait :D

-updated cool.html (fav websites page) to have some more links and be a little more organized

-updated /lyrics/ayesha.html to have more lyrics and some memes


-created mts.html a page dedicated to megan thee stallion aka hot girl meg dlankjakhj


-created e319.html a page for my thoughts on e3, i basically only talk about nintendo and i call microsoft microcock so you know im a funnyman

-created /lyrics/directory.html a place to shove songs i like a lot, some may be NSFW!!

a new site button!
feel free to update! please download this and upload it to your own site files since bandwith is a thing lol


-created y2k.html a page for the y2k movement

-updated anicross.html + love.html

6/9/19 @ 7:17 pm

-created quaydash.html a page for quay dash :D shes super good

-created 1 new secret page. its dumb

6/8/19 @ 10:43 am

high lol

-created egglikes.html a page about a video game genre that i like lol

-created stvincent.html a page for st. vincent aka annie clark aka hot rockstar

-created kimpetras.html a page for kim petras!! ive had this sitting for a hot minute and i love her sm

-updated todo.html to just have different sections and be cuter!!

-created a secret page thats dumb

- more to be done :)

6/6/19 @ 8:51 pm

i made this!

-created 4 more secret pages, and a "portal" of some sorts

-updated lgbt.html to include a section for graphics/posts

-updated pkmn.html with an updated white 2 trainer card; and my thoughts on sword & sheild under the pokemon tab at the bottom :3c

-updated gorillaz.html so that everything isnt so damn broken T_T

-new entry + music in cyberdiary

thats probably it! a mellow day, but a good one

6/5/19 @ 12:38 pm

scoot the burbs

-updated anicross.html and created love.html which is a page for my current acnl town :D dreamcode included

-created 4 spanking new secret pages :)) go find them if u want

-a new primarina pixel

-a new entries in all the diaries

will update later on

6/3/19 @ 11:43 am

i call this one: heart is bad at updating his shit!

-created lgbt.html this is just me talking abt my bisexuality n gender. nothing too much yet!

-created anicross.html animal crossing!! fun!! has my current acnl town info

-created pkmn.html of course i had to make this dnjawdjkbajh i love pokemon a lot and yea

-created heartcore.html this is a super misc page. its a total mess and its just dedicated to aesthetics i like a lot and has ayesha erotica music ajkwdbka

-created pixels.html a page for my pixel art!! only has 4 pieces, and only 1 thats actually good T_T

-created dream.html + astrolog.html
uhhh sorta misc journals, a dream diary, and then an astrology log, based on costar. i like astrology so its just for fun, and its fun to maybe connect my shit together lol

i mightve forgot some things so uh might come back later n update lol

5/28/19 @ 10:24 am

-created puppetcombo.html

-created redvox.html

-new entries in diary and astrolog

5/27/19 @ 3:51 pm

-updated cyberdiary.html

looks even better??? huh

-updated shrines.html

-created pokemon.html

might do more later, working on some art of lannie and merry hanging out :D

5/26/19 @ 3:05 pm

-updated creations.html + gals.html + lannie.html + dae.html

-new entries in my respective diary/blog things of course lol

5/25/19 @ 1:47 pm

-created breerunway.html
-created marsargo.html
-created astrolog.html: for astrology stuff...
-created a secret to do list :3c a certain round friend can help anyone find it!
-added a social section to more.html
-new merry art!! im really proud of it tell me if it looks good :D

5/24/19 @ 11:56 am


-revamped creations.html
find the archive here

-updated slayyter.html and all "stan" pages to include a personal mix and a go back window
might add even more!! idk graphics wise there isnt music but ill try ;)

-created dreams.html not much here yet! its gonna be a dream journal, but i have dreams ive remembered since i was like 8 so i might include those too!!!

-updated a bunch of secrets, go find em

thanks for looking at this!! im really bad at updating it, but when i do i include everything updated

5/23/19 @ 8:09 pm


-created slayyter.html
-created sophie.html
-created memes.html
-created a supre secret ayesha erotica page that only the hottest dancers can find ;)
-created fan.html
where im gonna put my fanart of other people's creations :D

5/21/19 @ 9:54 pm

some stuff :D

-created friends.html ; a page for my fav neocitie's sites and their buttons
-redesigned cool.html
-redesigned shrines.html
-worked on fester.html
-added a secret ayesha erotica dedication page!! go to your local neocities club and see if you can find it lolololol
-added some misc stuff to index.html and more.html

5/20/19 @ 11:18 am

hey all! heart here and oh boy im a lazy sh*t!!!

jk anyways ive been updating my site a lot, i just havent been logging it @_@
thank u all for 9,000+ pageviews!!!

anyways...heres a list of changes since the 10th!

-revamped more.html to combine it with fav.html so there arent like 50 pages to go into just to figure out who i am as a person LOL

-revamped cyberdiary.html and archived the old version

-revamped DANCEPARTY.html and archived the old version

-added a sh*tload of new pages:


every old version of my pages/old pages will be moved here. also includes some fun memories ive typed down in memes.txt

BIG OL WIP. people i stan

kpop biases :3c


added a boatload of secret pages. go find em or ask me for help on finding em!!


5/10/19 @ 8:19 pm

HOLY COW!! A NEW SITE BUTTON!!!! update if u want REVAMPED index.html + more.html

-i combined entirety.html with more.html! i will still have entirety.html exist as an archive ;)

-if anyone has a site button and we're mutuals please email me the code or image so i can add it to the index :D!!!

-added 2 new doodles

-updated 2 secret pages ; one has a music now, and the other has little blurb :)

-a new diary entry, of course

5/10/19 @ 5:25 pm

ADDED 2 new secret pages ; lots of new art ; new website links

-might make a box on the home page for other neocities i like to declutter some space

5/9/19 @ 11:30 am!

ADDED A LOT LMAO go find it (ill update this later maybe)

5/7/2019 @ 9:51 pm


also i have a site button now!!!

im not really sure how to put the html for it...sorry!!!hope its cute

5/6/19 @ 8:12 pm

ADDED cyberdiary.html

-somewhere to blog

5/5/19 @ 1:08 pm

ADDED dance news ;)

-its easy to figure out dw

5/4/19 @ 8:11 pm + UPDATE @ 12:26 am


ADDED favs.html + cool.html + entirety.html + creations.html ; updated map.html ; added music to index, more about, and children page

-only favs.html has any content at the moment for the added pages.

hope you enjoy!

ADDED more.html ; redisigned 1 secret page

-will be adding more in the upcoming hours hehe...

-also i hope youre all doing good tonight.......


"REVAMP" lol ; redesigned index page ; redesigned 1 secret page ; added log.html ; added map.html ; added 1 new secret page


ADDED start.html and messy.html ; 1 secret page ; fester.html