hey guys

i guess this might b bad news but i am taking a huge break from the internet which means i wont be around for a while
for about 2 years ive been losing myself and doing drugs made it so much worse for me, and now i feel as if i cant heal from it all
im going into therapy to help aleviate this and hopefully get better, but to do that i need to commit to this and try my hardest to stay off
you might be asking why? and its because im very dependent on the internet and would use it to distract myself from my problems, and now those problems are eating away at my soul and i just wanna die to be honest

im so happy to have made amazing friends on here like u all, and youve all been very kind to me and i wish everyone the absolute best
ill hopefully come back, but if i dont pls dont worry ill try my best to get better and get help

in the meantime check out these sites, theyre very awesome ppl


jackomix | anipike | yudosai | bytemoth

thanks again and take care